Conditions of Letting

Unless agreed differently with Tracy or Tony Wills, the following conditions of letting applicable:


    1. The property will be available for occupation from 4.00pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00am prompt on the day of departure, unless previously agreed with the owner
    2. Rents shown are per week and run from Saturday to Saturday unless otherwise stated.
    3. For bookings made more than 6 weeks before arrival a 20% deposit of the total rent is payable with the return of the completed booking form. For bookings made less than 6 weeks before arrival the full rent is payable on booking.
    4. Once confirmation of booking has been issued the tenant is liable for the total rent. The balance of rent must be paid at least 6 weeks before arrival, without further demand.  The acknowledgement of the balance payment will detail arrangements for access to the property.  Once you have received confirmation of booking you have entered into a contract subject to these conditions.  The owners have a right to refuse any bookings prior to the issue of your written confirmation and if this is so, the full refund will be paid.
    5. Cancellation - In the event of you cancelling your holiday, within 6 weeks of arrival, we will endeavour to re-let the cottage. If we are successful, then we will make a refund of any monies paid less any costs incurred by us in obtaining the replacement booking. If we are not successful, then 50% refund will be made and you should endeavour to recover losses incurred through your holiday insurance, if appropriate.
    6. In the unlikely event that the owners of the chapel have to cancel the booking for reasons beyond their control including fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, destruction or damage, no compensation, expenses, costs or other sums of any description (including without limitations the cost of securing an alternative property/accommodation) will be payable in such circumstances by the owner, but the full refund of the cost of the booking will be refunded.
    7. Every effort is made to ensure all items of equipment described and supplied by owners are in good working order. Repairs are always undertaken, as soon as possible, although inevitably delays can occur.
    8. The tenant shall not do or suffer to be done in or upon the property any act or thing which may be a nuisance, damage or cause annoyance to the neighbours.
    9. Security deposit/good housekeeping – A £100 security deposit is payable when the rental balance is paid and is in addition to the rental costs. This will be returned as long as the property is left clean and tidy and without loss or damage.  The deposit will be returned upon confirmation from the management company that the above has been satisfied. The tenant is required to notify the owners within 24 hrs of arrival if anything appears to be damaged or missing.
    10. The tenant will keep the furniture in a clean and sanitary The tenant will pay the owner the value of all objects of furniture or household effects, lost, destroyed or damaged save small items such as glasses and crockery.
    11. Any damage or breakage to the property, fittings or equipment must be reported to the owners immediately.
    12. The personal belongings of the tenant are the complete responsibility of the tenant.
    13. The property is equipped and offered for 6 people and parties that exceed this number are not permitted under any circumstances. Any persons not named on the booking form will not be permitted to stay at the property overnight.
    14. The property and all equipment, utensils etc. must be left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the tenancy. If this is not the case then a minimum charge of £25 will be made from the security deposit.
    15. We believe the property is fairly described, however if there are any changes we will inform the tenants as soon as possible.
    16. Dogs are not permitted on the beds, furniture or sofas without a cover
    17. Dogs must not be left in the Chapel unattended
    18. To keep your dog safe from potential passing traffic, dogs must be kept on a lead when leaving the Chapel
    19. Prior to booking, guests with a dog must agree to accept the risk that Bishops Chapel does not have a fully enclosed garden.
    20. If dogs are misbehaved or cause a disturbance to the local community the owners reserve the right to cancel the holiday at any time.
    21. Electric cars – it is not permitted to charge an electric car via a regular three-pin plug into a domestic socket or using an extension lead trailing across Bishops property or through windows. 
    22. Fire safety – Bishops has a strict no smoking and no lighted candles indoors policy. This is to reduce the risk of fire and possible harm to Bishops and guests. Guests have a responsibility to keep all doors which lead outside clear in case of emergency evacuation.
    23. The owners reserve the right to terminate the tenancy immediately if any of the above conditions are not observed.