Dogs Welcome

We now welcome dogs to Bishops Chapel! Tony and I both come from families where dogs, cats and other animals were a big part of our lives growing up.



We want you and your dog to be safe and have a wonderful time at Bishops. We recognise that the garden is not fully enclosed so may not be suitable for every dog. For the benefit of you, your dog, future guests and our neighbours there are some things you need to consider before booking:

  • We request that dogs are not left unattended at Bishops Chapel
  • For their own safety, dogs must be on a lead when leaving Bishops Chapel
  • Please only bring dogs to Bishops Chapel who are house-trained
  • We are in the country with few neighbours, but they are key workers who work shifts so we cannot cater for dogs who bark continuously
  • Other animals, and a local cat do venture in the garden occasionally - would your dog be reactive to these?
  • We prefer dogs not to be allowed on sofas and beds - but we understand dogs are one of the family so please use a blanket or covering if your dog prefers to be on the bed or sofa 
  • We can only accommodate a maximum of 2 medium-sized dogs
  • We appreciate accidents do happen but ask that you please clean up after your dog with the dog friendly materials we provide
  • We ask that you please pick up any dog poo and throw it away in the outside bin provided


You will see below photographs of our garden, please consider...... 

  • Would your dog get through the gaps?
  • Or jump onto the slate roof or over the small fence, down the steps and into the road?
  • Would your dog get through the holes in the foliage or the fence netting? 

If yes, we recommend that Bishops is not suitable for your dog.


  • Please bring your own dog bed or crate (or we can provide a plastic dog bed with a soft lining), and bring your own blankets and towels
  • Do bring dog bowls, spare leads, poo bags, toys - although we do keep spares in case you'd prefer to use ours
  • We have an outside hose (cold water only) to help keep muddy paws clean
  • We will keep some spare blankets and towels (just in case you forget yours!)
  • We keep dog-safe cleaning products available for your use


  • To cover the costs of additional cleaning for dogs, there is a charge of £15 per stay



View from the veranda onto farmland – will your dog jump this fence? Or wriggle through the gaps?


Low-sloping roof and small gate leading down steps to the country road – will your dog jump the gate directly or via the roof?


View leading from the small gate down to steps – would your dog go down these without you?


Two metre-high plastic netting to stop dogs going onto the steep bank and into the road –  would this be sufficient for your dog?


Some gaps in the foliage – would your dog be able to escape through these?