Hello, and Welcome to Bishops Chapel!

Thank you for your interest in Bishops Chapel. I am Tracy Wills and have recently retired from a long career in IT. Our 3 children have left home and it is now time for me to focus on the next stage in my life and personal passions.

As a host, I want to help guests have a wonderful time, have peace and space to unwind away from the usual rigours of life.

Tony (my husband) and I work together to maintain Bishops and our intention is to provide you with thoughtful extras so you can walk through the door and start your break straight away. I have a passion for looking after people and want to welcome guests who will love and respect Bishops as much as we do.

Why did we choose Bishops Chapel?

  • Tony and I enjoy buildings that have history and charm
  • We wanted something that we wouldn't typically have the opportunity to stay in and had already been sympathetically restored
  • Somewhere quiet but not too remote as we want access to amenities and beaches
  • Good broadband access so Tony can work remotely on conference calls when he needs to
  • A good kitchen as I love to bake and enjoy my food and drink (see photo!) I have always wanted to cook on an AGA as it reminds me of watching my grandmother using hers
  • When viewing the property before buying it, we stood outside the front door and immediately knew we were going to love this place. 
  • For us, it has a special, warm quality that is difficult to describe. It's simply a one-off!

We look forward to welcoming you at Bishops Chapel.